Community Service

Community Service has always been an integral part of Newcomers Compass Club.  At present, we are actively involved with the Food Bank of Iowa, which provides food for those in need throughout our state. Previous club projects have been the Puppy Jake Foundation and money contributions to various families at Christmas.

Another cause that Newcomers Compass Club supported was the annual Des Moines Race for the Cure.  This is an annual walk/run which raises funds for breast cancer research.



Are you are doing your housecleaning and looking for organizations to which you can donate your gently used household goods? Let us recommend a few possibilities, which Newcomers Compass Club has supported in the past:

1) The A private, non-profit organization that partners with CFI's Family Violence Center to provide household items for women as they leave the Center to live independently. The FreeStore accepts such items as dressers, beds, silverware, pots & pans, dishes, etc. To donate items and arrange for pick-up, call 225-2020, ext. 4.

2) CFI'S Family Violence This organization is in constant need of women's and children's clothing and personal goods. Twin bedding, blankets, comforters, and towels are other continuing needs..

3) The Animal Rescue The ARL is another worthy organization in need of various items. Some of the items needed, you may be surprised to learn, are: glass cleaner, paper towels, paper plates, towels and blankets, ferret toys, laundry detergent, dish soap, office supplies, peanut butter and canned tuna. Those are just a sample of their many needs. To obtain an entire list, visit their website; click on ARL Support and go to In Kind Gifts.

4) Bishop Drumm Care At this website, you will find volunteer opportunities and the care center's need list. This list includes activity supplies such as new nail polish, hand lotions, toothbrushes, socks, candy as well as gently- used VCR movies, music tapes, books, magazines, jewelry and more. Call Kris Brown at 270-1100 for more information.


Suggested Volunteer Opportunities

Living History Short term and one-time opportunities are available in October, November, and December. Interpretive: this is an opportunity to be an historical interpreter, teaching and educating the public in the history of Midwestern agriculture and rural life. These positions require a 16-hour per month commitment. Visitor Services: these positions include garden work, office duties, various maintenance tasks, and orienting the general visitors and school groupsto LHF. Please call Jan Milroy, Coordinator of Volunteer Services, at 654-9818.

Animal Rescue Visit the ARL website, under ARL Support, then click on Volunteer Information. You will find many programs, which need volunteer help, in particular, working with the animals at the center. This would involve walking, feeding, providing recreation, etc. Assistance is also needed at their Iowa Pet Center location in West Des Moines.

World Food Prize Laureate Society - a volunteer component of the World Food Prize designed to educate visitors to the Norman E. Borlaug Hall of Laureates. In 2009, the World Food Prize Foundation undertook the $29.8 project to transform the former Des Moines Public Library building and give it new purpose as the home of the World Food Prize. Dedicated to carrying on the legacy of Dr. Borlaug, the art and architecture have been designed to tell several stories:

  • That Dr. Norman E. Borlaug is the "man that has saved more lives than any other person who has ever lived",
  • That the World Food Prize is the "Nobel Prize for Food and Agriculture" and that the World Food Prize Laureates are the leaders of the single greatest period of food production and hunger reduction in all of human history (the last 50 years);
  • That led by John Ruan, Iowa rescued the World Food Prize in 1990 and moved it to Des Moines with the goal of making Iowa "The Hunger Fighting Capital of the World";
  • That Iowa has an amazing agricultural and humanitarian heritage; and

Orientation and Training - The President of the World Food Prize, Ambassador Kenneth Quinn does the orientation and provides the first tour of the Hall of Laureates. Each docent is given a docent guidebook with extensive information and background on the World Food Prize, the Hall of Laureates and the artwork in the Hall.

Orientation is usually followed by one additional training session and then new docents are assigned to an experience docent for mentoring.

Qualification and Requirements - a desire to meet and work with people; good communication skills; ability to learn new information and have the necessary time to volunteer.

Benefits - an opportunity to (1) meet people from all over the world, (2) promote a majestic downtown Des Moines landmark, (3) to educate visitors about a premier Des Moines program and Iowa's rich history, and (4) become an integral part of your community.

Communication - Individuals interested in exploring the opportunity to become a docent should contact Nicky Schissel, Director of the Laureate Society,


Whatever your volunteer interests are, look for more opportunities in the weekly neighborhood section of the Des Moines Register under Volunteers, or go to

Think DONATING, think VOLUNTEERING! Giving is always appreciated! AND, remember to APPRECIATE yourself!